5 Years Ago

5 Years Ago….
I was introduced to Personal Development, Motivation, and Success by a person so dear to me, who will never be forgotten. For those of you who never had a chance to meet him, his name was Eric. He was a friend, a shoulder, & a family member. Though he was my cousin, he was very smart and had a lot of potential to do great things with his life.  He was so close to graduating NJIT (Newark University) for Architecture and Engineering.
Due to his inspiration, I’ve dedicating myself to following, learning, & researching everything I can find about betterment in one’s personal and professional life. We are here to help save the lives of the lost, better the lives of the weak, and support the lives of the determined. My life has been changed in so many ways from Eric’s guidance and we will continue to grow and provide the best knowledge and support we can to aid our followers. We will never loose the gratitude we have for Eric and his passion to benefit the lives of many and because of his relentless dedication we honor him, and dedicate ourselves to you. Please, join us in honoring this great man’s dreams, and help us to continue to help you.
July 18, 2015 I found Eric’s journal hidden amongst his things. His words that were always so powerful to me, I have here to share with you. These images are of his writing, his personal perseverance, and as impactful as they were for me to read I want to give you all that opportunity. Enjoy!

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