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Do you sometimes hear a little voice in your head, an inner critic that keeps you from performing at your best? What if we told you there’s a way to change what that voice is telling you that will improve your performance in just about anything you try? It might come as a surprise, but research shows thinking positively is more than just a warm and fuzzy idea. And in this episode about positive thinking, we’re going to show you how thinking positively can change your thoughts, your reality and even your life! We’re going to mess with your mood to show you what really makes that glass seem half empty or half full; why people who stand tall, stand happy; and how to turn that frown upside down. So get ready to stop worrying and be happy, on Brain Games.

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Dear Hard Work – Great Motivational Video – Must Watch

This is a great video to watch before any hard task is about to approach you. It will definitely give you that nudge to complete and accomplish the obstacle in front you.
This inflamed, inspiring  video was created by  AdamWontLose so others can spark the flame they have burning inside. 


Has Hard Work help you get a head in life? If you would like to leave a comment below, so others can see examples, and hopefully get there flame to spark.



Video Transcript:

Dear Hard Work,
I used to hate you,
When you called my name,
I heard it but ran away from you,
When I knew you were coming,
I used to hide from you,
When you influenced others to talk to me,
I quickly made excuses to get away from you.

Afraid of the pain because I didn’t want to get hurt
Afraid to fail, so I didn’t even try
Afraid of the shame that you might put me through and
Afraid of your name because of what you have done to others

Who do you think you are?
Making me so afraid of who you are?

Reflection in the mirror,
Shadow behind me,
I take one step and still,
Your ahead of me,

Sweat on my face, tears in my eyes,
I keep on going,
I heard you tell no lies,

You turn the poor to rich,
F to A’s

Is there anything that you can’t do?

Now look at me,
You made me who I am today,
and because of you,
I have this never losing, never giving up attitude

That is not in my vocabulary
When they quit, I keep going,
When they sleep, I work harder,
When they say that I can’t and count me out, I show them that I can

When I tell them about my dreams,
And they laugh, I make sure I laugh last.

I’m a dream chaser, that means I chase my dreams, and not no one else’s
Only I can defeat me,
It’s me against this work you put on me,
There Is no losing – I will not lose,
I came this far and I’m not stopping now

O Hard work,
My dad was right about you, you do pay off, and because of that I love you.
How can I not?
I’m no longer hiding from you, I’m waiting for you.

Matter of fact, where are you?

I need you, because in hard work- I trust!


Motivation is the Cornerstone for Success

Motivation is the spark that ignites your flame. It becomes your driving force. Without motivation, you will struggle constantly to succeed, if you are capable of succeeding at all. Motivation is where great ideas begin and it comes in many forms. It is different for everyone, and could be the desire to achieve, money, kids and loved ones, or even for the thrill of reaching new heights. Whatever is it that motivates you, the desire to succeed for that motivation and for the ultimate goal of success; well I believe that is where great ideas become memorable achievements.

Motivation is important simply because it allows you as a leader, or an individual to meet and even exceed your own organizational and personal goals.

“It’s Not about how bad you want it…It’s About how hard you’re willing to WORK FOR IT.”

This page is to help build, believe, and understand why motivation is so important in your life. 

Page will include the following:

  • Exercise your brain, and boost your motivation, we’ve got articles and tips on what to do.
  • Need to fire up the team? We found some great inspiring articles, we’ll share them here.
  • Failing is not all bad, were going to show you why its beneficial to be happy about it, and we’ve got some great articles to share.
  • Want to achieve extraordinary success? We’re digging deep to bring you all the tips and tricks right here.
  • Like keeping it simple? We got your simple ways to get and stay motivated.
  • It’s time to take more risks; here you’ll find your reasons. Live a little.
  • Motivational speakers have many wise things to share, and we’ve found some exceptional things that you can learn from them.
  • Stop procrastinating, and start being productive; we’re going to show you how here with our articles and proven tips.

Here’s an appetizer of our findings, check out these great articles and share your thoughts!

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Change Your Mind and Change Your Life

 Listen to these powerful &  life changing words. Penetrable words like these, can change the soul. Stop with the excuses, You are the reason you’re not winning.


Every choice,  action, thought, and words we speak come from us.

We have the ultimate choice in the path we take,  the words we speak, and the success we achieve.

All of these excuses sound the best from the people who’s making them up. Nothing will change because you have convinced yourself you will never win. CHANGE YOUR MIND & CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The environment your in, or the people we place ourselves with are not our problem, their the excuse.

Excuses are like anchors weighing down your S.S Success Ship. We have to stop making up excuses and justifying every situation we get afraid of, to lazy to do, or just simply have no motivation to complete the task.

Change your mind and change your life

Excuses are fear, & we just simply have to eliminate them. They create setbacks and drop our self confidence at the same time.

If you have overcome your excuses share your stories, so others can apply to their life.

5 Years Ago

5 Years Ago….
I was introduced to Personal Development, Motivation, and Success by a person so dear to me, who will never be forgotten. For those of you who never had a chance to meet him, his name was Eric. He was a friend, a shoulder, & a family member. Though he was my cousin, he was very smart and had a lot of potential to do great things with his life.  He was so close to graduating NJIT (Newark University) for Architecture and Engineering.
Due to his inspiration, I’ve dedicating myself to following, learning, & researching everything I can find about betterment in one’s personal and professional life. We are here to help save the lives of the lost, better the lives of the weak, and support the lives of the determined. My life has been changed in so many ways from Eric’s guidance and we will continue to grow and provide the best knowledge and support we can to aid our followers. We will never loose the gratitude we have for Eric and his passion to benefit the lives of many and because of his relentless dedication we honor him, and dedicate ourselves to you. Please, join us in honoring this great man’s dreams, and help us to continue to help you.
July 18, 2015 I found Eric’s journal hidden amongst his things. His words that were always so powerful to me, I have here to share with you. These images are of his writing, his personal perseverance, and as impactful as they were for me to read I want to give you all that opportunity. Enjoy!